Week 28 29/11/2016

Last week we saw some really heavy rain so sadly we had to cancel Gardening Club for the first time this year. This means that last weeks groups missed their last gardening Club session but don’t worry we will have an extra one next week to catch up.

Today was cold but sunny for Gardening Club, which was group 1 and 4’s last Gardening session. Today we made Christmas wreaths for the children to take home. We used willow for our frame and evergreen branches like Yew and Leylandii for our greenery. We decorated our wreaths will tesal seed heads, pine cones and berries that we collected in and around the School grounds. It’s was a lovely last session for this years groups. Well done everyone its been a brilliant year.

wreaths wreaths-2 wreaths-3 wreaths-4




Week 27 15/11/2016

We had a wonderful Autumn afternoon at Gardening Club today, we started by harvesting some of our winter lettuce, then we built a bird bath and collected logs for a log pile house in our wildlife garden.

p_20161115_135809 bird-bath

We also spent some time in Lucky’s Wood building Hedgehog homes and then finished off the day planting some tree seeds for the children to grow at home.

p_20161115_143053 p_20161115_143632

p_20161115_135830 p_20161115_135852

Week 25 1st November

This week we carried on developing our wildlife garden, we planting some pollinator friendly bulbs and put in another small wildlife pond and bog area. We also made some frog and toad shelters, hopefully this will help to keep them save and warm in the coming winter months.

We finished off our afternoon with some leaf art.

leaf-art-g leaf-art-butterfly

Week 24 25/10/2016

For Wild about Gardens Week today we built a mini pond and toad hall. Ponds are a great way of encouraging more insects to your garden and more insects means more bats, as 1 bat can eat over 3000 insects a night. That’s a lot of midges!!

Our toad hall will be somewhere for frogs and toads to shelter over the cold winter months, It has a wonderful turf roof to keep them warm. Our mini pond will be home to all sorts of wildlife. We also planted some night scented and pale coloured plants, to help encourage months and other night insects for Bats to eat.

tad-hall  mini-pond-copy

mini-pond  p_20161025_140155

Our wildlife garden is really starting to take shape.


Wild About Gardens Week Ranger Visit

This week is Wild about Gardens Week which is all about gardening for wildlife. This years theme is Bats so we had a very special visit from a Countryside Ranger from Bowhill who told us all about why bats are important and how they can play a part in helping us to have a happy healthy garden.

We built bat boxes

bat-bxes bat-box

and Michael showed us how to find signs that bats are roosting, we searched through Lucky’s wood to find the best trees to put our bat boxes on making sure we didn’t disturbed any bats that were already there.

ranger looking-for-bats

It was a great afternoon and we all learned lots of things about bats thank you Michael.




Week 23 18/10/2016

This week was a very muddy week as we had a lot of rain over the October Holidays. Today we took out our finished plants, the courgettes and sweet peas and planted some red onion and garlic sets, which will be ready to harvest late spring.

dsc_2682  garlic-planting

We also worked on our wildlife garden, moving the bark so we could take out the black plastic sheeting from underneath and then digging the bark in to try and improve our very poor clay soil. The children worked really hard shovelling and digging and were in high spirits singing as they worked.



The children used some of the clay to make clay animals.

wk-23 faces-wk-23

clay-wk-23  animal-face

And we also painted our bat boxes ready for Wild about Gardens Week next week.

bat-box-wk-23 bat-box