Level 4

We received a fabulous letter today, our Level 4 certificate from the RHS Champaign for School Gardening, Well done to everyone in Gardening Club it took lots of hard work but we did it. Hurray!p_20161004_151236


Week 22 4/10/2016

Another very busy gardening Club Tuesday. Today we picked the rest of our runner beans and then took out the plants as they have finished flowering, we gave the soil a good digging over then planted some broad beans. We gave everything a good weed and water leaving in our pot marigolds as the hover fly’s seem to be really enjoying them.

p_20161004_145901 p_20161004_145912

We also made a start on a new wildlife Garden we are creating at the top of the School grounds near our newly planted apple trees. We started to move the bark to get to the black plastic underneath so we can remove it to make room for some wildlife friendly planting. We will be reusing the plastic to create paths and to build some wee wildlife ponds.

Under the plastic we discovered that the soil has a lot of clay in it, so we dug some up and used it to create clay faces in Lucky’s wood. I’m sure you will agree they look great.

p_20161004_145702 p_20161004_145641 p_20161004_145538 p_20161004_135847 p_20161004_145633 p_20161004_135922

Week 21 27/9/2016

Today we planted our heritage apple trees. We used the money we raised from our veg sale and bought  4 different variety’s
Thorle Pippin a Scottish dessert variety,  White Melrose a local cooker,   Lord Rosebery and Tomas Jeffrey both Edinburgh dessert variety’s.

We dug some very big holes using our new spades and took out all the stones we added a mix of sand and bark to improve the soil and put in some compost to give the trees a good start. Hopefully next Autumn we will be picking lots of lovely apples.

apple-trees-3  apple-trees

p_20160927_135058 apple-trees-2


Week 20 20/9/2016

As we have the wonderful Lucky’s wood on our door step we have decided to take part in The Woodlands Trust Green Tree School Awards. It provides great opportunities to use the outdoors as a classroom and introduce children to the wonderful woodland environment.

Schools gain points for completing environmental activities and progress through bronze, silver and gold levels to the the prestigious platinum award.  Today we were working towards our bronze award and completed the ‘Finding a View’ diamond challenge. This activity is about introducing children to perspective, it challenges pupils to look at the world from more than one point of view and show what they’ve learnt through photography.

finding-a-veiw dsc_1205dsc_1208 dsc_1209

We are very lucky that one of our garden helpers is a photographer so Craig lead the children in a photography session in  Luckys Wood, I’m sure you will agree the photographs the children took are truly wonderful.

kids-photos-2 kids-photos-8

kids-photos-7 kids-photos-1

We also harvested some more veg and started  making a willow fence to protect our new wildflower patch at the front of the School from getting trodden on. Another very busy Gardening Club Tuesday.

harvest willow-fence

Our Autumn seedlings arrive 16/9/2016

Our box of Autumn seedlings arrived earlier than expected today, so to give them the best chance we planted them straight away with a small group of Gardening Club children. The seedlings are the second part of our prize for reaching Level 3 of the RHS Campaign for School Gardening.

seedlings beetroot-seedlings

autumn-seedlings seedling-lables

We also received another very exciting delivery, our new child size tools kindly bought for us by the Parent Council, we can’t wait the get them dirty!


Week 19 13/9/2016

Today we continued to clear out our beds ready for Autumn planting we also added some peat free compost to replenish the goodness into our soil.

We also harvested some more runner beans and chard, restocked our bug hotel and gave everything a good water. We planted our buddleiah which was our prize for having “The Best Wildlife and Eco Friendly Garden” in the Lauder in Bloom garden showcase competition.

runner-bean-harvest bug-hotel budllia   14046087_1215392025200174_1075442510317415239_n

Working with Lauder in Bloom we planted some bulbs and sowed some wildflower seeds in a bed at the very front of the School entrance, it should make a beautiful statement to welcome you into the school in the spring.

bulb-planting  school-entrance